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Emotional Intelligence and Hybrid Working

With the rise of hybrid working and virtual meetings, learning to communicate effectively with our colleagues and being able to relate to one another across different time zones and cultures, has become more important than ever before. We recently worked with a team of 26 HR professionals at a FTSE 100 mining company to help overcome the barriers to effective communication and team cohesion that hybrid working can bring.

During the programme, each member of the team completed the EQ-i 2.0 and worked with one of our coaches to discuss the impact their scores may have in the workplace, with a specific focus on communication. We ran a series of 4 group workshops for the team, utilising the EQ Group Report which is a powerful compilation of their results (keeping individual's scores anonymised). This process allowed us to gain deeper insights into the team's strengths as a whole, while also identifying their areas for development.

Witnessing the self-awareness which was gained throughout the process was wonderful to see. Being aware of both the intrapersonal traits of Emotional Intelligence (related to the self) and the interpersonal traits of EI (relating to others) can significantly enhance your performance and communication at work. Strategies were outlined for developing the group’s potential moving forward, and participants fed back to us at the end of the process that they felt they understood themselves and their colleagues better as a result. A commitment to Emotional Intelligence creates a more inclusive and engaging environment that enables individuals to feel safe and heard and bring their authentic selves to work.If you are interested in running a similar programme for your team, get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

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