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What is the strongest predictor of success in the workplace in the 21st century? Emotional Intelligence. According to Talent Smart, 58% of success across all roles was tied back to Emotional Intelligence.

The good news is, unlike an IQ score, studies have now shown that a well-designed EQ coaching or training programme can increase your EQ scores by up to 35%.

This is where we come in. At LeverageEQ, we are dedicated to helping
 individuals and organisations to improve their Emotional Intelligence through our effective coaching and training solutions.


What We Do

At LeverageEQ we are passionate about helping individuals to better understand the pivotal role of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. 

We are certified to administer the world's leading EQ assessment tool, the EQ-i 2.0, which measures an individual's EQ across 15 different competencies, including assertiveness, stress tolerance, emotional expression and optimism. 
This assessment tool is a Level B psychometric, which means it can only be administered by an EQ professional.

Our team are qualified coaches who come from corporate backgrounds themselves, so they are well placed to understand the challenges that arise within organisations, and how Emotional Intelligence skills can help to combat these.

LeverageEQ are based in the UK and we work with clients all over the world by offering the option of delivering our programmes online.

What we do

What we do

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Employees with emotionally intelligent managers are 400% less likely to leave a job

Individuals with high emotional intelligence make on average over £20,000 more per year

75% of employers said they are more likely to promote a worker with high EQ

90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence


Leaders and managers with high EQ are better able to motivate their teammates

Google research found EQ matters more than IQ or technical competence for becoming a successful manager


"The workshops were fun, interactive, engaging and informative. Jenna and Ellie are extremely passionate, professional and enthusiastic coaches. As a team we were able to learn together to recognise different behaviours and emotions and develop honest and open communication about emotional intelligence. I highly recommend this training to other teams looking to gain knowledge in this fascinating area.”

Louise Goodson
Human Resources, Anglo American

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We offer a number of different Emotional Intelligence programmes, including team workshops, one-to-one coaching for individuals and bespoke organisational programmes.


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