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Welcome to LeverageEQ

We specialise in Emotional Intelligence skills development in the workplace, for managers, leaders and teams.  

According to Talent Smart, 58% of success across all roles was tied back to Emotional Intelligence, and the good news is that unlike your IQ score, with the right help you can increase your EQ scores by up to 35%. 

We use the world's leading EQ assessment tool, the EQ-i 2.0, to measure Emotional Intelligence in 15 key areas, and then we work with individuals and teams to improve it. 

Stang-up Meeting

Employees with emotionally intelligent managers are 400% less likely to leave a job

Individuals with high emotional intelligence make on average over £20,000 more per year

75% of employers said they are more likely to promote a worker with high EQ


90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence

Leaders and managers with high EQ are better able to motivate their teammates

EQ matters more than IQ or technical competence for becoming a successful manager

What We Do

​Employees are 400% less likely to leave a job if they have a manager with high emotional intelligence. EQ affects your ability to manage and motivate a team beneath you. We help managers to develop their EQ. 

Leadership Development

Leaders set the tone of their company. If they have low emotional intelligence, it can have damaging consequences such as poor employee engagement and high staff turnover. We help leaders to develop their EQ. 

Team Development

We help teams to really understand one another at a deeper level so that they can excel.  We look at a team's average emotional intelligence scores across 15 key areas and work with them to improve.

Talent Acquisition

75% of all jobs are derailed for reasons relating to emotional competencies and getting the wrong hire is costly and time consuming. We help hiring managers to assess candidates through the lens of EQ. 

Psychometric Assessments: The EQ-i 2.0

At LeverageEQ we administer the EQ-I 2.0 tool when working with clients, in order to get a snapshot of an individual (or team)'s emotional intelligence skills to begin with. You can download an example report here. 

It is the world’s leading emotional intelligence test, with over 25 years of research and experience behind it. Tens of thousands of users in Fortune 500, government, military, non-profit, athletic, entertainment, financial services, pharmaceutical, policing, healthcare, legal, higher education, consulting and leadership attest to the quality of the EQ-i 2.0. It is trusted as one of the most validated emotional intelligence tools available.

While personality tests help people gain self-awareness and insight into themselves, personality traits – such as introversion and conscientiousness – are less coachable because they are stable. However, people can use the EQ-i 2.0 to develop skills that help them perform more effectively regardless of their innate personality.

Emotional intelligence skills are critical for building relationships and teams, resolving conflict, retaining staff, leading effectively, and building resilience.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say...

"The workshops were fun, interactive, engaging and informative. They are extremely passionate, professional and enthusiastic trainers. As a team we were able to learn together to recognise different behaviours and emotions and develop honest and open communication about emotional intelligence. I highly recommend this training to other teams looking to gain knowledge in this fascinating area.”

Louise Goodson
Human Resources, Anglo American

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